10 Muscle Building Workouts To Help You Learn How To Get Ripped At Home

It is easy to build strength and muscles in the comfort of your own home without spending a lot of money. You won’t need a gym membership or to buy expensive home gym equipment.

All you will need is a light and a heavy set of dumbbells, an inflatable exercise ball, and a lot of motivation to learn how to get ripped at home.

Here are 10 workouts for a great home-based workout to so you can start getting ripped at home.

1. Triceps Home Workout

How To Build Muscle At Home Calves Home Workout

1. Hold one heavy dumbbell over your head using one hand or both hands.

2. Bend your elbow so that your arms go back behind your head.

3. Raise your arms up and repeat.

2. Shoulder Home Workout

1. Using the light set of weights hold your arms down by your side.

2. Lift your arms up and out you the side to shoulder level, keeping your elbows slightly bent.

3. If dumbbells are not available you can also use a large bottle of water, milk container or detergent (the kind with handles).

3. Back Home Workout

1. Using the heavier set of weights hold one in each hand and tip your body forward until you are at a 45 degree angle.

Remember to keep your back in a flat position.

2. With your arms hanging towards the floor pull the weights in towards your stomach while bending your elbows up.

How To Get Ripped At Home Biceps Home Workout3. Lower your arms and repeat.

4. Biceps Home Workout

1. Holding your weights in each hand with arms at your side, bend your elbow to bring your arms up towards your shoulder.

2. Lower slowly and repeat.

5. Shoulders, Arms, and Back Home

Workout – Combination Pushups

1. Work all three muscle groups together by leaning your stomach on a stability ball

2. Walk your hands forward until only your lower legs are balanced on the ball.

3. Now perform a set of ten push-ups while balanced on the ball.

6. Calves Home Workout

1. Stand on a stair with only the balls of your feet.

2. Lower and raise your body using the balls of your feet. This will activate the calf muscles as the body goes up and down.

3. Perform a set of ten repetitions.

7. Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes
Home Workout – Standing Squats

1. This home exercise will engage the leg muscles as well as the rear. Standing with legs slightly apart, step your right leg out as far as possible and bend into it. Your knee should never go over the foot when bending. The rear leg will also bend towards the ground.

2. Push back and repeat with the left leg.

8. Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes Home Workout – Lunges

1. Using the same motion as exercise 7 above, do walking lunges from one side of the room to the other.

9. The Ab-Ball Crunch Home Workout

1. Sit on a swiss exercise ball

2. Walk your feet forward until the small of your back is resting on the ball.

2. Lightly rest your arms behind your head and bring the upper body up into a crunch position.

4. Lower and repeat.

10. Chest Home Workout

1. Lean your upper back on to a set of stairs with a heavy weight in each hand.

2. Holding your arms out at shoulder height with your elbows slightly bent;

4. Bring your hands together up above your chest in an arc like motion.

5. Lower your arms and repeat. This exercise can also be performed lying flat on the floor.

Slowly work up to three sets of ten repetitions for each of these exercises. Now you know how to get ripped at home!

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