How To Get Ripped Without Weights

Though weight lifting continues to gain notoriety as a way for you to build muscles, boost metabolism and burn fat, hitting the gym and pumping heavy weights and serious iron is not the only method of uncovering how to get ripped without weights.

With hefty, budget busting fees and dues accompanying gym memberships and the high cost of creating a home gym, you may not have the chance to have the ideal workout situation or environment.

But despite the use of a less traditional workout setting, you can build toned muscles easily, cheaply and effectively.


Building Muscle Using Your Own Bodyweight and Gravity

Build Muscle Without Weights Push-upsMuscle doesn’t just appear with a cardio routine or even with extensive weight loss. In order to create a toned appearance and become stronger, as a result of building muscles, you must place stress on the muscle group you are trying to build up through the use of various routines and movements.

While many workout enthusiasts may rush to the gym, choosing weights as a way to apply this stress on your muscles, you can apply this stress on your muscle with the help of gravity.

Using your own body weight as a way to create a resistant for various muscles can be just as effective as pumping iron at a gym.


How to Get Ripped Without Weights By Using Gravity Exercises

How To Get Muscles Without Weights Pull-upsWhile it can already be overwhelming to simply begin a weight training routine, without iron plates, bars and equipment to rely on creating a workout plan that can provoke successful results may seem impossible.

However it truly isn’t impossible as there are a large number of muscle building exercises that do not require weights that you can choose from.  Here we have listed some of these exercises that use your own body weight to create resistance and the muscle groups they target:

1. Push-ups: Push-ups work the chest and arm muscles as well as the shoulders and back.

2. Squats: Squats are a total leg workout, stressing the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps.

3. Lunges: Lunges use the resistance of the body to specifically work the glutes as well as the entire leg.

4. Pull-ups: Pull ups are one of the most effective gravity-assisted workouts that work the upper body, most importantly the back and arms.

5. Abdominal Floor Exercises: Sit-ups, planks and leg lifts all work the abs without weights.


Creating Continued Resistance As Your Strength Improves

Although using the weight of your body to create resistance and put stress on your muscles helps muscle growth, definition and tone, as the body masters a workout and gets stronger, muscle building begins to plateau.  This occurs whether you are using weight s or not.

In order to continue seeing muscle gain results and have your body become increasingly toned and defined, your weightless workouts must continually change and transform based on your abilities and strength.  This will ensure the necessary stress needed to continue building muscle is maintained.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by slightly changing the position of your movements. Examples of these include lifting legs during abs movements or changing the hand position during push-ups and pull-ups. This allows you to continue seeing muscle growth as beginning movements become easier.


Exercise Equipment That Will Create Resistance Without Weights

The use of exercise equipment that does not operate based on weight can be a helpful tool to keep workouts exciting and result producing.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to add stress to an array of exercise, working a variety of muscle groups with the simple use of a small, portable and easy to operate piece of exercise equipment.

How To Get Ripped Without Weights Exercise Ball RoutineExercise Ball / Bosu Ball

Another piece of exercise equipment you can add to your workout routine an exercise ball or bosu ball (a half version of the fore-mentioned) to force the body to balance.

This helps to not only workout your target muscles but also works muscles you may not even realize you have while performing more traditional movements like sit ups or pushups. These secondary muscles are often referred to as stabilizer muscles.

Exercise balls and bosu balls also help to engage your core and abdominal muscles further enhancing your weight-free workout routine.

So now you see that by using the most important tool given to you, your body, and some cheap exercise equipment you can gain a better understanding of how to get ripped without weights and it is possible to build muscle for cheap.

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